Hello and a very warm ocean welcome to my “techno-babble free” blog which I really hope will help inspire anyone new to underwater photography to be able to take eye-catching photographs.

Once upon a time back in 1994 I had a huge dream to follow the world’s oceans and armed with just a small 3 megapixel compact camera later in 2001, learnt how to photograph all manner of ocean subjects both large and smaller than small.  Photography is a fabulous tool to help inspire non-divers to love and help protect our oceans just as much as we do.

I’d love to share all my knowledge gained over the years and will be posting lots of tips, reviews and secrets behind my images.  So go on, grab a coffee and get in touch and see if I can help you get started to take your own beautiful images today.

Lin Henson small


                                                              Maria xx

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