Winning Awards with Any Kind of Compact Camera, No Manual Controls, No Accessories


Winning Image with Compact Camera

Hi everyone,

Where on earth has 3 years gone to?  What was I even thinking to bury myself in hospital work and to forget to share all my knowledge and tips with you to help you keeping taking those beautiful shots.

All I can say is that I kinda got addicted to helping people in a different way, and then I got an email from the British Photography Awards last December to say that I had been shortlisted for their “Water Life Photography Award 2020.”

What completely blew me away was that this image was taken with my Canon Powershot S95 with no accessories, no external lights, just the camera in the housing on Underwater Mode.  No Manual Controls either and it’s a whopping 10 years old!

I never honestly thought that it would get any further but the following month I was invited to their Award Ceremony at the London’s Savoy Hotel in February this year.  The Category was sponsored by Big Blue Ocean Clean Up and I was so incredibly proud to be a Runner Up with the ceremony being hosted by Anita Rani who presents TV’s Countryfile.

I have been laughed at many a time by my industry peers saying that Underwater Mode doesn’t work and couldn’t be prouder to finally show that it can and does work incredibly well in shallow water, where there is lots of ambient light to help keep your colours punchy and vibrant.

Even prouder that it was the only compact camera shot to make it through to the Shortlist too!

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