Underwater Strobe or Video Light?

Taken with a Go Pro Hero 3 I'll never forget my first encounter with an underwater light, the day that it arrived in the box and I was absolutely petrified by the size and weight of it (an Ikelite DS-125 strobe) which felt about a million times larger than the size of my tiny Olympus… Continue reading Underwater Strobe or Video Light?

Balancing the Light in Temperate Waters

Basket Star in Alaska Learning how to master lighting in underwater photography can be tricky, but throw in the darker, cooler temperate waters and all the extra things that we need to remember as divers, and it can become an even steeper learning curve. But actually is it that hard? When I was helping John… Continue reading Balancing the Light in Temperate Waters

Making the Most of Manual White Balance

Garibaldi in a Giant Californian Kelp Forest If there's one thing I've loved the most about getting started with underwater imagery is the ability to take beautiful, vibrant, colourful images without the need of external strobes. So today I thought I'd share some tips with you (thanks Darren for the nudge) to help you hopefully… Continue reading Making the Most of Manual White Balance

White Balance Wonders for Beginners

Bumphead Parrotfish at Sipidan Island, Malaysia It's so easy when you're starting out in underwater photography to think that every underwater bell, whistle and accessory is going to help you achieve amazing photos super quickly, but there's nothing quite as exciting as starting from the beginning, taking it all one fin-stride at a time and… Continue reading White Balance Wonders for Beginners

There’s Never a Blue Monday when You’re Underwater

Schooling Sweepers in Nuweiba, Egypt There's never a blue moment when you're underwater, unless of course you're using the wrong settings in your camera. So I thought I'd spend my week at home recovering from Covid to run a series of online workshops to help you as much as possible. But let's start at the… Continue reading There’s Never a Blue Monday when You’re Underwater

Photography Life is all about the Lines

Harlequin Ghost Pipefish Wow, it's already Tuesday, my new book has arrived and my first orders have already been sent tonight. I'm feeling very giddy. So today I thought I would start to explore the wonderful world of lines and how they can help to pack a punch to your underwater images. It's all too… Continue reading Photography Life is all about the Lines