Since helping to launch PADI’s Digital Underwater Photography Speciality back in February 2006 with Emperor Divers, it really has been amazing helping guests with their photography though the overseas trips that I led with them and Scuba Travel to Egypt and the Siren Fleet to Indonesia.

I absolutely love helping guests, and am super proud that I helped both Deputy Editors of Sport Diver Magazine, was featured in Diver UK magazine when I launched the UK’s first ever underwater plastic reef and even taught the now Editor of Wanderlust UK magazine.  I still remember the day when Daniel Norwood (now editor of DivePhotoGuide) came up to me asking me how to use an underwater strobe and now look at him.  I also taught Patrick Sheir underwater photography which helped him with his book “UK Dive Guide.”



Tailor-Made Online Coaching

Do you feel that a little helping hand to master those fiddly settings is just what you need to help you gain confidence of your camera.  Welcome to a new course where online coaching is available to help you understand those settings.  All of the same practical modules are applied but instead of being underwater, you will be in the comfort of your own home and practice each setting whilst focusing on composition.  I love helping guests with that and recent sessions with Orange Tan and Shelley Weeks of Shearwater Diving Club to Iceland have helped them bring back some beautiful underwater memories.

Here are just a sample of the things that I can go through:

Setting Up Your Camera for a Dive

It’s All About the Light – How ISOs, Apertures and Shutter Speeds work together

Say Bye Bye to Wishy Washy photos and Learn Custom White Balance

Magical Macro and Wonderful Wide Angle Techniques

Getting Creative with Different Lenses

Introduction to Lighting Techniques using Torches, Video Lights & Strobes

These topics are just a sample of what awaits you, but just let me know what you would like to learn and I will design the course around you.  There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing you shoot with colour and confidence throughout the day.

And I will show you how to take all of the photos on my website and as you can see from the gallery below, my guests are doing an awesome job too!

Compact Camera Champion Gallery (work in progress)Crab by Terry Moore

       Tompot  Holly Franklin  BibiCrab

Benji Smith